Latest Release Pinky Swear

As my latest release, I published Pinky Swear, the second book of The Divorce Trilogy, in 2014. I wrote it during National Novel Writing Month in 2012 and “won” that year. This was the third book I’ve written and published. I’m working on the third book of the trilogy and hope to release it within the next year, if not sooner.

Latest Release

Pinky Swear, Latest Release

Two years have passed since good friends, Elizabeth and Valerie, have had any contact. Now Elizabeth awaits the arrival of Valerie for a late summer visit. She hopes the two women will reconnect and be each other’s strength.

For the seven years since their divorce, Elizabeth and her ex-husband, Tyrone, have coparented their two children. She received the custody arrangement she wanted, but he resented the judge’s decision. A custody battle began when Tyrone wanted sole custody of the children.

At the same time, Valerie has dealt with her own divorce and custody issues of her two children. Things haven’t gone the way she had hoped, and she struggles with dark moments in her life.

After spending four days at Elizabeth’s house, Valerie heads to the ultimate goal of her long trip. The two friends pinky swear they will stay in touch and lean on each other no matter what happens.

Will these two women keep their pinky swear? Will they break the promise and lose touch once again?

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