2018 is My Year to Crush My Goals

Another year has gone, and another year has come. While 2017 wasn’t as bad to me as some previous years, I’m ready for 2018.

For the first time in a long time, I’m more than ready for this year. I have a few goals I’m going to crush, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

A new me in 2018

I have a new attitude about my life and live by the motto that “Life is too short”. And it is if we waste time on things that don’t matter or stress over things, like what other people think of me or what could happen in the future.

I personally don’t care anymore what people think of me. I’ll surround myself with people who want to be around me and let the rest go. I don’t want toxic or negative people in my life.

It’s hard not to think about the future — what I’ll be doing, how things could change. I mean, who doesn’t think about the future at least a little bit? We need to prepare for some things in life. The main thing is not to let things consume me.

My health diagnosis

A few weeks ago my doctor told me I have adrenal fatigue. I am exhausted. Most days I barely function and go through the motions because I have a job, one child still at home, and three fur babies all depending on me. I have no choice, but to get up and make it through each day.

As I did research over something I didn’t know much about, the diagnosis makes sense. Adrenal fatigue is too much stress on these little organs called adrenals located above our kidneys.

Most importantly, too much stress messes with hormones (over 50!) in your body, which cause all kinds of problems. I am so stressed about everything going on my life that I am slowly killing myself and didn’t even know it. I have started taking some supplements, eating healthier foods, and cutting the caffeine as much as I can.

And the best thing I’ve done? I’ve decided to let things go and find ways to relax and enjoy life more. Life is too short, remember?

I relax and do more self-care, like watching TV, singing karaoke, reading, and getting back into photography. Going to bed earlier and getting more sleep helps, too.

Crushing my goals

Back to crushing the goals, I have a big goal of making some good extra money from my books this year. I’ve set a goal of publishing six books. Hopefully, I’ll do that and more. I’m just ready to hit my big goal of being a full-time author.

While publishing six books is a big goal, I’m determined to make it happen. That’s why I said what I did earlier in this post. Getting rid of negative people and focusing on my health will definitely help.

As the year progresses, I look forward to hearing from my readers. I hope you’ll take the time to check out my books and leave a review if you read one of my books.

I thank you for your support, and I look forward to hearing from you this year!

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