The Author

As the author of three books (with more on the way!)? I want to share a bit about me and the many hats I wear.

Single Mom

I am a single mom of two humans and three fur babies, if you can call them babies. My son still lives with me and is in high school. My daughter and I are estranged at the moment. I know it’s not my fault, but I’m not sure what happened. She and I were as close as a child and parent can be.

My oldest dog is a Border collie and beagle mix has been with us for over ten years now. She was our firstborn pet, and we rescued from our local humane society. We saved our Ragdoll and Siamese cat from going to the shelter over seven years ago. Almost three years ago, I welcomed a new dog came into my life. She is such a joy, especially with the changes I have dealt with over the past few years.


I am a writer. There I said it.

And not only am I a writer, I am an author. I still have trouble understanding the difference between these two. Right now I write women’s fiction and nonfiction, but I have ideas for elementary and middle grade books.

For the past couple of years since I decided to pursue writing as more of a full-time job, I have had a hard time calling myself a writer. One of my resolutions this year is to call myself a writer.

And I did it. Right here for all of you to see.

Domestic Violence Survivor

I am a domestic violence survivor. That’s not an easy thing to say out in public.

For over seven years, I endured emotional abuse from my husband, whom I divorced in March 2004.

Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t say much to anyone about this topic, but I realize that I’m not alone. And I’m not alone to speak out against what is wrong. No woman, child, or man should put up with abuse of any kind from anyone else.

Let’s look at the books I’ve published so far.