How My Awesome Blog Will Change for You

I’m back! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate this holiday. I apologize for my missing in action in regard to this blog. In mid July, my summer turned crazy.

At times, I could barely keep up with just the things I absolutely had to do, like the laundry, the house cleaning, the daily word count, and the fur babies. Let alone the extra writing for my blog.

Direction of blog

I’ve been thinking about the direction of my blog, not that it will change that much. Being a single mom has defined me for the last fifteen years so that is my main focus. I’ve shared some things already, but I plan to share even more, like my thoughts on topics that mean so much to me.

Not all of my posts will be controversial ones. I’ll write posts like the one you’re reading now, just a conversation about this blog.

You might not agree with what I say, and I will respect your opinion as long as you comment respectfully on my post. No name calling and no bashing allowed. In fact, your comment won’t be accepted if it’s not respectful.

After years of being bullied and/or emotionally abused, it’s time I stand tall and speak out. People shouldn’t put up with anything like that.

Not ever.

Topics to write about

But really I’m not sure what I will write about. Last week so many things – both good and bad – happened.

For instance, one of my kid crushes, David Cassidy, died. I was a bigger fan of his half brother, Shaun, but sure loved the Partridge family. I still enjoy watching reruns. David was only 67. We’ve lost so many people I admired growing up, and this is just another one of those people. Such a sad moment…

After the sadness of David’s death, I had a good long Thanksgiving weekend. Probably the best one I’ve had in the last couple of years. I cooked a meal for my son and his girlfriend and enjoyed spending time with them. I even did some Black Friday shopping on a beautiful day here.

Almost as good as the holiday weekend, accomplishing some of my goals gave me a good feeling, too. I finished editing a short travel book, the second one of the series, and sent the first one to an editor. Things are getting real, and I’m anxious to get all three books published by the end of the year.

Looking to 2018

With the end of the year nearing, I’m thinking about my goals – this year’s and next year’s. Have I reached the goals I set for this year? Not all of them. What will next year’s goals be? At this point, I hadn’t really thought about it much until I started writing this post. I have some ideas — some of which are writing-related, and I’m kicking those up a notch next year.

Each year I want to push myself a bit, not too hard, but enough that I can reach a little higher. I believe in those baby steps to get to those big goals. In turn, I must set my bigger goals higher so that I keep doing more each year.

And as I keep doing more each year, I’ll hit my biggest goal of becoming a full-time writer one day soon!

What is your biggest goal? What do you want the most in life?

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