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Live your life with purpose

live out loudThe older I get the more I want to live the best life with purpose that I possibly can. Why you ask? I never know what will happen tomorrow. Life is way too short to spend your time worrying about what other people think, working at a job you don’t like, or spending little time with family. How do you find that purpose? I would start with this book called Live Out Loud: 52 Weeks to Reawaken Your Spirit and to Live a Life of Purpose by Melisa Alaba.

A graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago, Alaba earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology. She is a life coach and speaker who helps people learn to control their destiny. She has been a counselor and coach for 12 years and has helped many people discover and regain their vision and purpose in life. Live Out Loud is Alaba’s first book. Inside you will find 11 keys that will help you live a full life. She presents “exercises that are easy to follow that will move you from being stuck to embracing your power and overcoming disappointments or setbacks. The exercises can be done individually, with a partner, or in a group. The 52 mindful exercises are short and extremely powerful. Many are based on the author’s firsthand experiences and biblical principles. They will move you to take action and get the life you were created to live.”

I don’t know about you, but I do want to live my life to the fullest. I want to find my purpose in life. This book sounds like one that could be helpful. Do you agree? If so, visit Alaba’s website and learn more about her.

Author presents view on Jesus’s Teachings

TheTruth_Cover2I don’t like to get into discussions about religion. In fact, I avoid those discussions like the plague. I do believe in God and in the power of prayer as I’m a big prayer if you ever have a request. Anyway, I’m going out on a limb here and asking if I told you that 90 percent of Jesus’s teachings have been kept secret, would you believe me? A book called The Truth which was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past by Klaus E. Berger states this intriguing question.

With a near perfect five stars on Amazon, Berger presents some interesting statements. According to the book’s description, “The one and only truth, which is the doctrine of love, will be conveyed in a down-to-earth, non-religious style. You will be able to read many hidden writings containing Jesus’ teachings, including the ancient gospel. The ancient gospel is the principal gospel, the complete and original gospel, containing far more than the four gospels of the Bible. The whole of the so-called Christian world is founded on a bigoted and distorted version of all that was originally wondrous and genuine. It is shocking that this could have happened. What do people today know of the laws of love? The teachings of reincarnation? Genuine and profound wisdom? This is no small and trivial matter that the churches are withholding – but the most essential and major part of the original teachings!”

The Truth which was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past sounds like it will give us some serious thinking to do. I enjoy books that leave me thinking for days after finishing it. If you enjoy this type of book, then head to Amazon.


Pistol Pete’s memoir from the Old West

Pistol PeteWestern movies or books have really not been a huge genre I have enjoyed as a child or even much as an adult. Sometimes it depends upon who is in the movie before I would even think about watching it. For instance, one of my favorite rock stars, Jon Bon Jovi, was in Young Guns 2 briefly and even did the soundtrack for the movie. I am familiar with some of the great gunfighters like Billy the Kid, but Jim Huebner is familiar with another one named Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton. In fact, Huebner even edited a book about him called The True Story of Kill or Be Killed in the Real Old West.

Residing in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Huebner considers himself a cowboy at heart even though is really a city slicker. Huebner is an adventurer and has climbed to the top of Mt. McKinley after trying three times to accomplish this feat. He has even written a guest blog post sharing this experience and his thoughts on life. One summer Huebner was working on a cattle ranch in Florida and was going to help tear down an old barn. He discovered an old stagecoach trunk as he cooled off in the barn. Inside that trunk is where Huebner found the memoir of Pistol Pete. He began reading the memoir and was fascinated with the story. Pistol Pete’s friend, Eva Gillhouse, wrote the memoir, as he told it to her.

The True Story of Kill or Be Killed in the Real Old West is the story of Pistol Pete’s journey to kill those responsible for his father’s death. He traveled from Missouri to New Mexico and gives details of every step of that journey. He stopped at nothing to make sure the killers paid for his father’s death. Huebner tells of Pistol Pete’s Indian fight with Cheyenne Indians. Huebner also tells of Pistol Pete’s days as a deputy United States marshal at Fort Smith, Ark. Pistol Pete was only 17 years old when he became a marshal, and over 100 men had already died as marshal before that.

I have to admit that this book does sound interesting. I think I may have mentioned that I’m a history buff so this also plays into the history of the American West at a time when many of us didn’t even have ancestors in the United States yet. You can learn more about this book by visiting Huebner’s website, watching a video of a book review on YouTube, and going to Amazon.

Colorful children’s books about solving problems

wishingstonecoverWith my kids being teens now, I don’t usually pay much attention to children’s books. Obviously, I don’t have a use for children’s books. However, I do have younger nieces and nephew, and I have a friend with a younger child. Once in a while a children’s book will catch my eye, like the one by Ian R. Kaye called The Wishing Stone.

As the second book in the series, The Wishing Stone is a colorful children’s book about the Shellies. Who are the Shellies? They are a group of friends who live in a cave on the beach. Each book has a theme, and this book’s theme is about water, which is a problem around some parts of the world. Without electricity, Crabby, Rainbow, and the rest of the Shellies set out to solve this water problem.

From the looks of the book on Amazon and Kaye’s website, the book is a colorful one, which is certain to catch the eyes of young children. If you have or know young children, it will be worth your time to check this book out further.


Uplifting book full of poetry and short stories

Have you ever felt lonely, like no one cared that you existed? I think we all have at one time or another in our lives. How did you deal with this loneliness? I try to keep myself busy by doing something I enjoy like writing or reading. Speaking of reading, I found this book full of poetry and short stories called Wine For The Soul by Kelli Zimmerman.

Training to be a life coach, Zimmerman loves writing, life, and people. She was chosen as a 2014 visionary writer for Braveheart Women. She enjoys inspiring people to think and see what is in front of them and bring out the best in them. Wine For The Soul is the sorrowful story of a young woman. It shares her love, joys, pain, and compassion. According to the book’s description, “It is a reminder to me, that no matter what life’s circumstances are or have been, no matter what has transpired in our lives. We can rise above it. Every poem in this book represents a day in a life of someone, somewhere that needs uplifting.” This book is the first of the series with each book being a different subject.

I’m usually interested in inspiring books, and this sounds like it could be one of those books. Do you enjoy inspiring books? If so, then I would encourage you to check out this book at Lulu or learn more about the author on Facebook.


War Kids tells story of Syrian Civil War

war_kids_mockupI am all about kids. I’ve worked with kids for over 20 years and have almost raised two kids as a single mom so naturally I hate to see kids hurt, or worse, killed in some senseless violent situation. I have discovered a new young adult novel by Hayley Lawson called War Kids.

Born in England, Lawson grew up in a single parent household with five siblings. She was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child and found a passion for drawing. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design. At age 27 she moved to California before landing a job in New York where she currently lives with her daughter. War Kids is her debut novel, which tells the story of the Syrian Civil War through the eyes of young children. According to Lawson, “Nearly 1,500 civilians, including at least 426 children, were killed. As I watched TV and folded up my laundry, an image of a young girl appeared. She was older than my daughter by a few years. The look of horror on her face clearly showed that she was in shock. She had been poisoned with nerve gas. The news reporter stated that the girl’s family had died in a chemical attack and that she was alone. The image of the child was burned into my mind. What would happen to the girl next? I was moved to tell her story.”

I don’t know about you, but the visual of young children being killed by nerve gas is unimaginable. This book definitely has my interest. If it does yours, too, Lawson is asking for backing in its publication on Kickstarter. You can also see more information on her website.

Would you give up your unborn child?

unwellAs a mom of two teens, I would never think about giving up my children. Yes, there are times when I thought about it for a split second (you know those times when you feel like pulling out your hair) and realized how dull my life would be without them. Giving birth is one of the greatest things about being a mom, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. However, in Marie Chow’s novel, Unwell, a young mom makes the tough decision to give up her child.

Born in Massachusetts, Chow has lived everywhere from Nebraska to Taiwan and is the mom to two young children. She is a former teacher and engineer who has always wanted to be a writer and has published a children’s book called Because Dragons Love Milk. Her first adult novel, Unwell, is the story of a young woman who writes a letter to her unborn child, the same child she wants to give up. She shares that she has moved to America as a young child and that her Asian parents have divorced. She is forced from living in an upper middle suburban home to a one bedroom apartment in a not-so-great neighborhood. According to Chow, “She doesn’t take the road to abortion. She decides to give her child a fighting chance in life, without the angst and drama that’s shaped her own bittersweet life.”

For those of you who know me, you know I love stories like this, especially when they are about kids. I love kids and have worked with kids for over 20 years. This book sounds interesting and one that I will look at further on the author’s website.


Spirituality at heart of novel

nakoma by galajI don’t think of myself as a very religious or spiritual person. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in God. I believe in the power of prayer because not only have I had my own prayers answered but  I have seen other prayers answered. Having explored aspects of spirituality, Gala J. writes about this in her new novel called Nakoma: A spirit’s destiny.

Since childhood, Gala.J has been fascinated with spirituality. She has studied Tarot cards, Reiki, astrology, herbal medicine, meditations, and Shamanism. She has been a regression therapist for many years and studied past life regression as part of her job. She and her husband have two grown children and several dogs and cats. Nakoma: A spirit’s destiny is a story Gala.J has held close to her heart for many years. Lena Jones is the story’s main character and comes from a family of healers. Her grandma teaches her the ways of spells, potions, and incantations while Lena uses past life regression therapy for her own journey. According to the book’s description, “Living in parallel realities, where magic and sorcery co-exists with the pastoral and normal, Lena is searching for The One, whose face she saw when she was six years old. She knows he is her soul mate, the man that invades her dreams and haunts her thoughts, yet has been dead for centuries. In her spellbinding rite of passage, Lena surmounts a major betrayal that culminates in an epic battle as she fights against the powers of dark magic that threaten her destiny, her sanity, and her soul.”

From looking at the reviews, this novel seems to be a powerful one, one that we should check into further. Even though I am not that spiritual person, maybe I learn an important lesson from this novel. I encourage you to take a look at this novel on Amazon if it interests you in the least.

Martial arts book helps you choose right kind of workout

I’m sure as the weather finally gets warm that we all are ready to get into shape. I know I tend to hole up at home when the cold and snow arrive. I have the least amount of energy in the winter time. Of course, that may have to do with the gray skies. When spring arrives, I am ready to exercise or workout. Steve Grogan has written a martial arts book called The Search for the Warrior’s Path and looks to be of interest.

As a husband and father from upstate New York, Grogan studies a martial arts called wing chun and works out using P90X and TR25. He is a P90X certified coach for Team Beachbody. The Search for the Warrior’s Path is a guidebook for those wanting to do martial arts and not knowing what to choose. Grogan discusses self-defense and the law. He says martial arts will only take you so far in the world of fitness so he offers advice on how to keep the workouts going. He also briefly covers the history of martial arts and nutrition.

I have often wondered about P90X. I have heard others who use it as their workout and know that it’s a tough workout. I’m pretty out of shape so I’m not sure how long I would last. Grogan has a couple of websites — his personal one and Team Beachbody that I will share in case you would like to know more. You can also buy his book on Amazon.

Dr. Sam promises you better health in this book

Front_CoverBy now, if you’ve been following me for very long, you probably realize I’m a busy woman. I’m raising two teens, working a full-time job, writing novels, and building a proofreading business. How do I deal with all of this? Well, there are times when I don’t. I fall down exhausted by the end of the week, and I’m stressed. I came across this book called Feel Good Now! by Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski (“Dr. Sam”) that might help me with this.

For 17 years, Dr. Sam has been a licensed physical therapist and rehabilitation expert. Not only has he published this book, he is a speaker and a consultant that specializes in rehabilitation and health transformation. Feel Good Now! is a book that will help you deal with many aspects of your life. It is a quick fix to your better health by telling you how to begin and giving you common sense information. According to the book’s description, it can help you

“*Eliminate pain and suffering.

*Lose weight safely and improve your physique.

*Have more energy and better focus.

*Look and feel younger overall.

*Improve your diet.

*Prevent chronic disease.

*Become a better breather.

*Regulate your hormones.

*Feel more rested and less stressed.

*Prevent injuries and improve your level of fitness.

*Cleanse and detoxify your body.

*Improve your relationships and have more love in your life.

The information in this book may not only change your life, it may even save it!”

I know at some point I’ve talked to several people who want to lose weight and have less stress. I see the book covers those items so I suggest you go check this book out by going to Dr. Sam’s website.

Book teaches self-confidence in seven easy steps

confidencefactor-203x3001In the past I have had my moments when I am not the most confident person. In fact, I can be a real Debby Downer if I want. Sometimes it takes someone else cheering me up or giving me that “You  need to do this” kind of thing because I don’t feel like I have the motivation to do it. I have read a book here and there that has motivated me to a degree. However, Annie Ashdown has written a book called The Confidence Factor that might help.

Born in London, Ashdown is the United Kingdom’s leading life coach. She is popular with the media and has appeared on the BBC radio. She has spent the past 10 years teaching celebrities, lawyers, bankers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to have self-confidence. The Confidence Factor helps a person gain self-confidence in seven easy steps. According to the book’s description, “Self-confidence is the key to success in life and confident people have a sense of purpose, believing anything is possible. Revealing the habits of self-confident people and the secret of their self-assurance and full of practical tips from successful people from all walks of life, that you can start using right now.”

In this negative world, many people don’t have the self-confidence to be a go-getter and make the world a more positive place to live. I can’t imagine what our world would be like if we all had good self-confidence. Can you? If you’re interested in learning more, then go to Ashdown’s website.

Book teaches your child to share

Freddy FudgsicleWhen my children were younger and learning how to share, my daughter did pretty well with other children, but my son didn’t do well at sharing. In fact, he preferred not to share with other children. No matter how much I tried to teach him how important sharing was, he didn’t want to do so.  I wish I had had this book by D.H. Strickland called Freddy Fudgsicle in Friends Forever.

From Curious George to Clifford the Big Red Dog, Strickland has loved children’s books since he was a child and his parents read those books to him at bedtime. He has been an artist since he was a young child, and as a young child, he played in the woods and ate Fudgsicles. His aunt told him he should write children’s books so he decided he would try. Freddy Fudgsicle in Friends Forever promises to be a good one to teach a child how to share. Timmy is a young boy who doesn’t have a true friend but would like to have one. One night he wishes upon a falling star. According to the book’s description, “Freddy Fudgesicle discovered that Timmy did not like to share, which kept him cut off from the other kids. Freddy helped Timmy learn that sharing opens the door to making new friends and relationships that can last a lifetime.”

My son is fourteen now, and he eventually learned to share. However, if you have a young child that you struggle teaching the sharing concept, this book is one you should definitely check out on Amazon.

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