KDP Select: Something Else New Learned

As I prepared my first indie novel, Be Strong, for publishing, I read and researched as much as I could about where to publish my book. I had a plan all set out. I would publish on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords, giving readers of all kinds of readers a chance to read my novel. I would also publish on Createspace so that I had paperback copies. However, once I published it, I saw a post on one of the writing groups I belong to on Facebook and changed my mind. I decided to give KDP Select on Amazon a try.

The biggest downer in doing so is the fact my novel is exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. That big decision meant I would, or could possibly, lose some readers, who don’t have access to Kindle, in the process. Tough decision indeed. During this 90 days, I can make Be Strong free to readers. Cool thought, right? Wrong. The first and only free day I did I had quite a few downloads, but then I decided to do two days in a row, yesterday and today, and haven’t as many downloads as I did the one day by itself. I still have two free days left, but I am not sure when or if I even will use them. I don’t feel like this is really doing me much good, but maybe I am looking at it all wrong.

The one good thing about KDP Select is that it is part of the Amazon Prime program. Anyone who pays for the membership can borrow your novel. Of course, that means you don’t earn royalty, BUT you do earn a share from the KDP Select Global Fund. Sounds good, doesn’t it? There’s only one problem. I haven’t had one person borrow my book. Of course, my novel has been out not quite a month so maybe I am making a quick decision and need to see how it does in another month or two.

At the moment, though, if I had to make a decision right now as to whether I continue with KDP, I would have to say no, I wouldn’t. I guess I will just have to see what happens by the end of September and make my final decision then.

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