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What is One Place You Would Return for a Visit?

Have you ever traveled one place, and when you leave, you tell yourself you’ll return to that place someday? I have. In fact, I’ve done that with several places I’ve visited over the years.

But picking one place I would like to return to the most is a tough decision. I have several places with each one being unique.

So, if I have to pick just one, I would chose Panama City Beach. My kids and I visited there a few years ago and had such a great time.

Panama City Beach, or PCB as it’s sometimes referred to, is a favorite spring break destination. That was the time we visited. However, we didn’t stay where all of the spring breakers were.

The quiet end of this one place

We were at a little area called Laguna Beach, about two miles west of PCB. The area was quiet. The white, sandy beaches and blue water made for a beautiful scene.

We didn’t want to be where all the partying happened so I had found this quaint little motel there called Pineapple Villas. We ended up with a room right on the beach. We sat at the dining table and watched the waves roll in and out.

To reach the beach, we did have a few steps to climb down, but that was okay. The beach wasn’t busy at all, something that we weren’t used to.

With two miles to PCB, we drove there to eat and shop a couple of times. The crowds weren’t too bad at the times we were there. The kids and I love Margaritaville so we ate there one night before it got too busy. One of our favorite shops is the Ron Jon Surf Shop so we couldn’t pass that up either.

The beach at this one place

Panama City Beach has one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen. The sand is so white, and the water is so blue. The white sand is almost as fine as powder.

From where our hotel sat, we had quite a distance to walk to the edge of the water. I needed the exercise, and the sand is a great exfoliant for my feet.

Every night we watched the sun set on the horizon. I loved seeing that — something I don’t get to see every day here in the Midwest.

Why I want to return to this place

Even though PCB is a popular spring break destination, I still love the area. I just need to stay away from the parts of town where the partying is going on.

The beach, the quietness of the area a little distance away, and the shopping/restaurants outweigh the spring break part. The 12-hour drive also makes the trip worthwhile.

This area spoke to me so much that I even wrote an article for a travel writing contest. The website posted all of the articles, winners or not. Take a look here.

Have you ever gone some place that makes you want to return at a later time? If so, where was it and why?

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