How to Succeed in Your Awesome Life

How much do you want to succeed in life? Have you ever wanted to get into a routine or develop habits? Do you have a hard time developing habits that stay with you?

Did you know that developing daily habits can lead to happiness and success in life? If you want to succeed and have an awesome life, then The Slight Edge is a must read for you.

Summary of The Slight Edge

Author Jeff Olson gives you a new way of thinking when it comes to the daily choices you make, which will, in turn, lead you to the happiness and success you desire.

Some people learn to make their dreams come true, but others continue dreaming and never make their dreams come true.

The Slight Edge uses tools you already have within you and helps you create powerful results in whatever area of your life you want.

Using the book to succeed

Olson begins the book asking if you are a beach bum or a millionaire. He says we all have both inside of us, but what we do with each is up to us.

He says we already know what it takes to be successful, but we have to keep doing those things to get the success we want.

I know at times I tend to give up sooner than I should if something isn’t going the way I want. Why bother to continue when it’s not getting me any place, right?

Chapter 3 was one of my favorite chapters. Olson describes different stories — one about twin boys and an inheritance, one about a water hyacinth, and one about two frogs. Each one illustrates how repeated actions over time either make you fail or succeed.

I loved the stories because they made me understand how important the repeated daily actions are if I do want to be successful. I realize now I can’t give up too soon because it takes time.

When Olson stated that only five percent succeed in what they set out to do, I was amazed. Then I think back to other businesses I have started in the past — Shaklee, desktop publishing– and realize that I didn’t do the daily things to keep me going and make me successful.

I don’t even do with my Thirty-One business now although I try harder with it than I did my other past businesses. I realize I didn’t give it the time I needed.

However, I do try to do the daily habits for my writing and editing business as well as my Nerium business. These are the two I want to succeed the most. I enjoy Thirty-One, but the other two are my passions.

In this eighth edition of The Slight Edge, Olson adds a chapter called “The Secret of Happiness,” another of my favorite parts. He describes Shawn Anchor’s five happy habits and how you can use these to achieve your own happiness. He says happiness creates success. You don’t have to do all five at once, but even doing one a day and building up will help.

The second half of the book Olson tells you how to put the slight edge into use. He gives you the steps you need to get started and how to start taking baby steps and start building momentum. He shares the seven powerful, positive habits.

Chapters 16 and 17 made me think about my dreams and seven areas of our lives. I loved how Olson said to write down whatever we’re thinking no matter how big or small it is. He said writing it down makes it real.

And I would agree. Seeing it in writing makes me want to go after them even more.

Olson gets you thinking about one simple daily habit you can do for each of the seven areas. I am trying my best to get myself into the habit of doing the simple seven things each day. Some are not as easy to remember as the others, but at least I am trying.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. If you’re looking for a book to help you be successful and build daily habits, then The Slight Edge is the book for you.

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