Top 10 Interesting Places I Would Like to See

Do you ever dream about interesting places you would like to visit? I love traveling so I do dream of places here in the United States as well as a few places far off.

I enjoy the beach the most. However, historic places also intrigue me. As you can tell from the list below, the Top 10 interesting places I have chosen fit into one of those two categories.

1. Australia

When I learned my favorite singer, Rick Springfield was born and lived in Australia, I decided I wanted to visit this small, fascinating country. Over the years, I’ve read several articles about the country, but visiting is the only way to learn more about it.

While I still have many states to visit here first, Australia is the first country I want to visit. I would like to visit Sydney to see the harbor. I’ve seen photos of their beautiful beaches so that I would visit those, too.

2. Hawaii

Hawaii is the first of the places with plenty of beaches I would like to visit. I know several people who have visited Hawaii so I’ve seen photos of how beautiful it is.

Not only would I hang out on the beaches, but I would tour the Pearl Harbor memorial. Like I have already stated, history is something I enjoy. World War II is one of the times in our history that I enjoy learning the details.

3. Florida Keys

I’ve always wanted to visit The Keys. The clear blue water and white sand are beautiful. Margaritaville is one of my favorite places to eat so I would visit the original one and sip a margarita and devour the yummy food.

4. California

I’ve never been to California, and since I’m working on seeing all 50 states for my bucket list, this state is at the top for one I want to make sure I visit.

I would drive up and down the coast to see the beautiful scenery. I would see Rick Springfield’s star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

5. England

This is one of two places on the list that I have already visited. However, when I went the first time, I was a senior in high school and traveled with a group of other students and two teachers.

Going as an adult, freedom gives me the opportunity to see the things we didn’t visit the first time and revisit sights we saw the first time. I would make sure and see where the Beatles grew up and sang when they first started.

6. Wyoming/Montana

When I was 12 years old, we visited my grandpa in northeast Wyoming where he lived. He took us into Montana to see Custer Battlefield.

Since then, the park changed its name to the Battle of Little Bighorn. My grandpa died in 2007 and is buried there so I would see his burial site since I wasn’t able to go.

I would see more of Wyoming, like Yellowstone National Park, because it is such beautiful part of our country.

7. Arizona

Visiting the Southwest is on my bucket list, too. I’ve seen many pictures of the Grand Canyon over the years, and I have to see it in person.

The four corners is also a part of this state so I would like to visit that, which means I will see four states.

8. Bora Bora

Like with Arizona, I’ve seen photos of this wonderful place many times. I can’t imagine what staying in a house that sits out over the water like those do.

I can see myself sitting on the couch either inside or outside and seeing the incredibly blue water all around me.

9. Outer Banks

A couple of years ago, my extended family took a trip to the Outer Banks. I wasn’t able to go with things that happened in my life, but they shared details of the trip.

As I have mentioned, I love the beach so it makes sense I would visit one more beach like this area is full of. I enjoy seeing lighthouses as I saw some when we were in Michigan and Florida over the last several years.

10. New York City

I’ve been through both airports in New York, but I’ve never seen the city itself. The first thing I would visit is the 9/11 Memorial. At the memorial, I want to find Marni O’Pont Doherty’s name. Marni was a fellow Rick Springfield fan who died on that day. I hear it’s a great experience.

I would also see a Broadway show and the Statue of Liberty. While I’m there, I’ll see plenty more of the sights.

What places would you like to visit? Are any of them places I’ve mentioned here?

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