Why Does Valentine’s Day Get so Much Hype?

Valentine'sValentine’s Day is a holiday I wish I could skip. It means nothing to me as a single person. It’s just another day in my life.

But every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day comes and goes whether I like it or not. The holiday has never really meant anything to me even when I was married. Other than our first Valentine’s together when we were dating, I was lucky to get dinner out.

To me, though, if we love someone so much, why do we need Valentine’s Day to show that person how much we do love them? Shouldn’t we show them that every day?

It’s just a hyped holiday meant to bring a lot of money for the stores who sell cards, candy, and other assorted gifts that people buy each other. However, I would gladly take out some place — even a fast food joint is better than cooking at home.

But I won’t get dinner out unless I do it for myself.

The facts of Valentine’s Day

Would you believe that 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are given each year? Wow. That’s a lot of cards. The article says it’s close behind Christmas.

Looking over the stats in regards to single people, I can see why I am still single — other than I know I am being picky this time. For those over 65 years old, there are 34 men to 100 women.

Now I’m not that old yet, but let’s say my age group has 50-60 men per 100 women. That’s still not good for us single ladies.

Then you throw in the fact that I live in a small town without much opportunity for getting out. No wonder I’m still single. I honestly don’t know how other singles meet each other.

Do I stress over being single?

No, not all. Why should I stress? I worry about what happens the older I get when I’m alone. But who knows what will happen by then. Maybe I’ll get my beach house in Florida and meet a nice guy there.

For now I’ll enjoy my freedom. I don’t have to worry about cooking for someone else or how I spend my money or anything else couples do. I can live the way I want.

Would I like to have company? Sure, I would. I do hate the thought of growing old and not having companionship with a man. I do miss that, but after what I went through with my marriage, I’ll be picky and take my time.

No way will I ever go through that again. Dealing with emotional abuse is not fun. Trust me. I would rather be alone the rest of my life than ever deal with that.

How do you celebrate the holiday?

Will you go out to dinner or cook dinner with your significant other? Will you buy each other cards and/or other gifts? Will you do something else to make Valentine’s Day meaningful and different than a usual day?

What does the holiday mean to you? I’ve thrown you my two cents. I would like to hear your thoughts.

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