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What do I want for Christmas?

What do I want for Christmas? I have many things on my list, like I always do. But I probably won’t see much, if any, of it.

On my Christmas list, I have a variety of things — from books to an exercise program to Rick Springfield items to a MacBook and a Nikon camera lens. Up until a few years ago, my kids used to laugh at me when I told them all I wanted was a nice guy.

And, yes, I know some of it is expensive or even impossible, but a girl can dream, right?

My first Christmas list

1. Books

Every year I try and think of things I want that I haven’t been able to buy myself during the year. I always have a list of books — both about fiction and nonfiction. The nonfiction ones are usually about writing and other related topics.

I’ve been doing a lot of personal development reading since starting my Nerium business. It sure has helped me look at life in a more positive way. Reading personal development books will continue to be at the top of my list.

I want to read more fiction so the stories can inspire my own, especially if they are books in my genre.

My list of books I would like is pretty long. I won’t name all of the books I want here, but it’s easily accessible on Amazon.

2. Exercise program

I started exercising at the beginning of October. I’m feeling so much better about myself and the way I look. As I’m quickly finding out, exercising is addictive when you figure out how much better it makes you feel. I finally understand why people exercise every day like they do.

So, on my list, I would like the 21-Day Fix program from Beachbody. A writer friend is a Beachbody coach and recommended this one as a good program for someone like me who is getting started.

3. Rick Springfield items

As a huge Rick Springfield fan, I always have those items on my list. I love adding to my collection, and sometimes his website has discounted items at this time of the year.

4. Electronics

I have loved photography since I was a young kid. I had my first camera at the age of nine, and I’ve had several cameras since then. My current camera is a Nikon D3200, and I would love to have a zoom lens for it.

In addition to the lens, I would like a MacBook Pro laptop. My current Toshiba laptop is four years old. Since I was in college, I’ve always wanted a Mac computer. They are pricey and usually out of the budget. But maybe someday I will have one.

Those are just a few of the items on my list this year. Clothes and shoes are always there as well. I don’t buy myself those items very much during the year so it’s always a standby for my Christmas list.

My second Christmas list

While all of those items are great, I would rather see other things for Christmas. These things won’t happen unless people change and make it happen.

1. Be kind to others

People need to be kinder to each other. This world has too much hatred and negativity. I’ve had quite a bit of negativity myself over the past several years, but this year I’ve grown to be more positive and hope I can continue to grow with it.

2. Stop the violence

The violence needs to stop. It makes me sad to see children and pets being beaten and killed. It makes me sad to see the senseless killings of police officers and civilians.

Every day shootings headline the news. Why is this happening? It wasn’t like this when I was a kid.

Along with the violence, domestic violence needs to stop. What do people think it’s okay to abuse others — physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or sexually? We need to respect each other, not tear each other down.

3. Reunite with family

Families need to reunite. I’ve met many other people who are estranged from their children and even grandchildren. How sad it is that children are cutting their parents out of their lives. At the same time some of these parents are missing out on their grandchildren, too.

In this world where the younger generation thinks they are entitled to things, they need to stop thinking this way. They aren’t entitled to anything. They need to earn what they have in life, just as the older generations have.

I’m not asking for much Christmas, but these things would make our world a much better place. What would you like for Christmas?

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