What Does Christmas Do for Me This Year?

Christmas is a week from today. Can you believe that? I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. When I was younger, people used to tell me to enjoy life because the older you get the faster time goes. And at first I didn’t believe them. Now I do.

I have to say that this year has been a much better one for me. I have a different outlook on life than I had at this time last year.

This year’s Christmas

For the first time in four years, I am actually looking forward to Christmas. I put up my tree and decorations without dragging my feet too much, and I’ve actually enjoyed the holiday season this year. I’ve even spent quite a bit of time watching Christmas movies on the ION channel and Netflix.

Even though I will miss one of our family members this year, as I have for the last three Christmases, I can only hope that one day she will come back home. Until then, life goes on.

I plan to enjoy my Christmas as best I can because next year could prove to be different once again. My son turns 18 in March and graduates from high school in May so who knows what next Christmas will bring. He’ll be bringing the love of his life with him to our celebration this year. I’m glad my parents are home for the holidays, too.

With my Christmas shopping almost done, I only need to wrap the wonderful presents I’ve bought my small family. I have a few Christmas cards I would like to send this year since I haven’t sent any for the last few years. Just trying to spread a little Christmas cheer.

This year’s goals

Of course, as the end of the year draws closer, I think of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. Did I hit those goals? Some of them I did, and some I didn’t.

One of my goals this past year was to read 36 books, and I’m about to hit that goal. I’m currently reading book #36, a short Christmas novel I got free. At the end of June, I had only read 10 books so I kicked this into gear. I know I’ll finish this book in the next few days.

I had hoped to kick my freelance writing and editing business into gear, but I’ve slowed down with this goal. In fact, I’m not sure if I want to freelance much anymore. I did get a few more short editing jobs this last six months, but I’m not making the amount of money from it that I had hoped I would.

One of my biggest goals was to write 500 words each day, or at the very least, 100 words to create a habit of writing something every day. I can say with a huge smile on my face (Sorry, you can’t see it.) that I’ve written at least 100 words every day since May 1.

In the last few months, I learned how to start a newsletter and have grown a list of subscribers, which hopefully you’ve joined and gotten my free short story/prequel to my trilogy. I also published a short book about self-publishing that I give away for my nonfiction newsletter subscribers.

As Christmas comes and goes, I’m happy with how my year has gone. I can only hope 2018 brings even more happiness in my life and with my writing gig.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

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